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Life shows its own rules and out of the billions of different products and services currently available, demand extends only to those that have 3 main characteristics: something that saves time and effort, something that can bring freedom or joy, something that can make you feel good. Electric scooters hit all 3 targets on the spot. This revolutionary transport is designed to make our lives better and easier, even off-road. Find out more from the Circooter brand.

How to distinguish an off-road vehicle from an ordinary one

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Off Road Electric Scooter is easy to distinguish from urban by its appearance and various characteristics.  Let ‘s highlight the main ones:

  • Large wheels with diameters of more than 10 inches. They usually have a studded tread that improves grip on slippery or unstable ground;
  • Large ground clearance preventing frequent impacts on the ground;
  • Type of motor. Four-wheel electric scooters with a motor wheel are best suited for off-road driving. They have good maneuverability, cross-country ability, reliability and can easily move uphill;
  • Frame and suspension. They are devoid of various body kits and parts that are not needed for driving. The minimum number of welds also increases the reliability of the structure. At the same time, all components are reinforced, and more shock absorbers are added to the suspension to dampen vibrations and shocks;
  • The steering wheel and seat (if there is one) can be customized. This increases comfort and makes it easier to operate the device on a difficult road;
  • Lightweight but roomy lithium-iron-phosphate and lithium-ion models are best suited for long trips outside the city.
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These are the main parameters by which an off-road electric scooter can be distinguished. They also affect comfort and safety while driving an off-road vehicle.