wooden furniture in room
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Combining materials in the production of products is a bold step towards creating magnificent interior items. Solid wood and metal are perfectly combined with each other. Their union is suitable not only for furniture, but also for staircase structures.

Popular products that use wood and metal at the same time

Combining materials helps to produce truly harmonious things. The texture of wood, its colour, the unique pattern of fibres gives warmth, and metal adds strength and makes the product modern. This is exactly the design of loft-style furniture. It is practical, functional, simple and comfortable.

Racks and dressers, dining chairs and tables, coffee tables, bar counters, consoles, cabinets and beds are made of wood and metal. Metal and wood are distributed differently in the structure.

wooden shelf
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Frames, substructures, supports are made of metal, which makes the furniture reliable and durable. The wooden body is reinforced with metal corners, rivets, due to this the structure is stable. The design of furniture from VASAGLE is dominated by black metal.

Advantages of metal elements in wood products

  • Strength. This quality is in the first place, because it increases the life of any product, VASAGLE furniture or staircase structure. Metal supports, railings, decorative and connecting parts withstand heavy weight and significant pressure, as well as shock loads, are resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Versatility. This also applies to the installation location and style. Any piece of furniture can be made by connecting wood with metal.
  • Easy to care for. The metal can be washed, especially if the items are indoors or wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Durability. Metal parts have been used for decades.
wooden and metal furniture
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Designers use similar pieces of furniture in projects when creating brutal interiors, even in small studio apartments. Two or three characteristic objects made of wood and metal are enough to make the interior interesting and extraordinary.