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If you want to organize your space compactly and stylishly, then every detail is important. When storing clothes, floor hangers become a convenient tool that helps save space and add elegance to the interior. However, their product range is so wide that it can be difficult for an unprepared person to navigate it.

Floor racks save valuable space, unlike bulky cabinets, laundry baskets or the backs of chairs. And thanks to their wide variety from VASAGLE, they can add zest to the overall look of any room.

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Hall tree

A hall tree is a stylish option with a minimalist design. They are made of metal or wood and look great in an elegant and modern interior.

Their main feature is aesthetic appeal. However, they are not as functional or durable as heavier models.

To choose the right type of hall tree, start from your direct needs. When making your decision, consider the pros and cons of each design, budget, available space and the overall style of the room.

3 simple steps to choose the perfect hanger

Determine your needs. Before you start buying a floor hanger, answer the question why you need it. Do you want to display clothing in retail? Need a coat rack in your foyer? Do you want to store clothes at home?

Select a material. Metal shelving is durable and strong, wooden shelving has a classic look and is pleasant to the touch, while plastic shelving is lightweight and cheap, but inferior in strength to other materials.

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Consider your budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend and try not to look for any opportunity to save.

Based on this information, you can choose a flooring design that will meet your needs, will last a long time and will simply look beautiful.