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There are two main points, without which it is impossible to imagine a cozy style in the interior. Interior design London is the quintessence of cozy style.

First of all, it is comfort. This style does not tolerate chaos, randomly placed furniture and other interior items. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail here. Even the armchairs and sofas are arranged exclusively so that you can have a good rest and have a pleasant conversation with your family and guests.

To improve your mood and brighten up the gray days, you should give preference to warm shades and bright colour accents to cheer up in a matter of seconds.

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Colour scheme of the style

The colour palette of the cozy style is very diverse. It is dominated by all shades of wood, from dark to light species. In addition, the style is characterized by restrained shades of beige, green and burgundy tones. You can find objects of muted blue and red colours among the bright accents. It is also characterized by light tones: white, ivory, milky, light beige, light gray.

Design and decoration

When decorating the walls of the premises, you can imagine and choose. Someone will like wooden panels. Someone will choose plain wallpaper or wall painting in light beige or ivory, and someone will like wallpaper with vertical stripes or check. Still, the rule remains unchanged: wall decoration must be competently combined with furniture, drawings and shades must necessarily go well together.

The ceilings are certainly plain and light-coloured. They are often additionally decorated with stucco.

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Choosing furniture for the interior

In addition to wooden cabinets, beds, cupboards, tables and shelves, upholstered furniture with textile or genuine leather upholstery should be used in the interior. Everything superfluous is put away in the cabinets, only exquisite decorative items and accessories remain in sight. All the furniture is solid, expensive and durable. It gives you a sense of stability and well-being.

At first glance, you might think that cozy interiors are a bit old-fashioned and more suitable for the older generation. But in fact, this is not the case. You can always bring a touch of modernity even to such a traditional style. And no other direction in interior design is capable of giving such an extraordinary feeling of comfort, stability, peace and security.