raw meat on the black plate
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All your life you can learn how to choose the right meat so that your dinner is not spoiled. At first it seems that all the meat is the same, but experts clearly determine before buying which meat will be delicious.

What to pay attention to when buying meat

  1. Part of the meat

A beginner always starts his choice by focusing on the colour. This is important, but first of all you need to know which part of the meat you need.

meat on the grill
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Depending on what dish you want to cook and in what way it will depend on which part of the meat you need to buy. Butchers are just for this reason often interested in what you are going to cook when they choose a piece of meat for you. You can buy a great piece of meat export, but if it is not suitable for this dish, then everything will be ruined. Therefore, first you need to find the part that you need, and then pay attention to other factors.

  1. Meat colour

Fresh hungarian meat will never have a greenish or black tint. It will be red, but depending on the animal it will be of a different shade. If it is pork, then the meat will be pink, if beef – red, if lamb – darker than beef.

  1. Fat
cooked meat on the plate
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If you see yellow fat, then this is a signal that it is the meat of an old animal.

This meat will be tough, no matter how long you cook it. It is necessary to choose meat with white crumbling fat, then it will be young beef. The highest grade is marbled beef, where the fat layers are evenly distributed throughout the meat, so it turns out so tender and juicy.

  1. The smell of meat

It will be great if you can smell the meat. If you can catch an unpleasant aroma, then you should not take this meat.

If you follow these guidelines, nothing will spoil your perfect dinner.