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If everyone works in the family and there is no one to leave the child with, then you will definitely need a babysitter. But it is quite difficult, so people often do not take advantage of this opportunity and take days off at work. But in vain. You need to pay attention to several points.

Where to find a babysitter

The search for a nanny can be carried out with the help of specialized recruitment agencies, of which there are quite a lot on the market today. You need to mark some parameters so that the search results are the most suitable for you.

Such agencies can be upgraded into applications on the phone, for example, By means of filtering, you will be selected exactly the nanny who will completely suit you.

Another way may be to recommend friends. They will tell in detail their experience with this or that nanny.

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What’s next?

So, you have a candidate who suits you according to the questionnaire / review, and you schedule an interview. Again, clearly state what work schedule you offer, what responsibilities will be, what exactly the nanny will be responsible for, how and how much you are willing to pay, what are the terms of employment.

Ask all the questions you are interested in. Be tactful and polite. Ask how the nanny will behave in this or that situation. Decide in advance what answer you want to hear.

Don’t be contradictory and don’t expect the babysitter to guess your thoughts. One conclusion follows from all this: one of the main requirements for a nanny is diligence, that is, willingness to do what she was told.


The first rule is to pay only for the work done. Do not give an advance. With hourly pay, everything is clear. But with a full-time nanny, you can either pay once a month, or on the 1st and 15th, or for weeks, for example, every Friday. Arrange a vacation in advance.

Cameras in the house

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Should I put a camera? Yes. This will give you peace of mind, discipline the babysitter. About the camera, you should immediately tell the nanny in the form of “Hidden cameras are installed in our house, the safety of our children is important to us.”

Children’s attitude

Clearly explain to the children what attitude you expect them to have towards the nanny. Do not undermine the authority of the nanny. She will not be able to keep your children in check if you contradict her, argue with her in front of the children.

A good nanny is a very sought–after professional in their field, they are difficult to find. And yet, the most important thing is that you and your children are comfortable with a babysitter.