Roller blinds with designs
Image by Steve Johnson from Pexels

A hit with homeowners and designers alike, Roller shades are popular because of their simplicity, their style, and affordability. The wealth of stylish materials to choose from makes these shades fashion-friendly, without overspending your budget. And thanks to their sleek profile, roller shades can be inside mounted in almost any window, allowing for fantastic, unobstructed views when raised. There are three types of roller shade material, solar, light filtering, and room darkening. The wide variety of material choices make every roller shade exciting and full of unique possibilities.

Solar Shades are the most popular type of Roller Shades. Solar shades allow you to keep your favorite view while also blocking UV rays that might damage furniture or cast a bothersome glare on your TV. Solar shades are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, colors and levels of openness. The openness factor of a shade is noted by a percentage, which is the percentage of light that it lets in. The higher the openness factor, the more you preserve your view.

The openness factor of the shades on our site range from 1 to 14%, with 1 blocking the most UV rays and 14 blocking the least. It is important to note that solar shades do not provide privacy at night you might want to consider adding draperies for extra coverage.

Roller shades with light filtering materials offer many stylish choices. Here, you’ll find all of your designer-friendly styles, from solid colors to jacquards, woven grass cloths, unique prints, tassels and more. Each of these materials will gently filter light while providing good privacy. Room darkening roller shade materials are great for baby’s rooms, day sleepers and media rooms while providing the most privacy of all roller shade types.

It’s important to note that roller shades have a larger light gap on each than most products when mounted inside your window. If blocking natural light is important to you, you might want to consider using drapery to cover the light gap on the sides of the window, or choose an outside mount with at least 4″ of overlap on both sides.

Another strength of roller shades is that they can be customized to operate in a number of different ways. The most popular lift option is the cord loop option, which raises and lowers the shade with a plastic or metal chain that is anchored to the window frame, wall or floor. If you want a cleaner look that is also safer for kids and pets, choose cordless, just be sure that the top of the window is within arm’s reach. And finally, roller shades can also be motorized you can raise and lower all of your roller shades at the touch of a button on a remote control. Many roller shades also have other options like valances, decorative scalloped hems and a choice of hardware color.