Duck egg roller blind
Image by jotoya from Pixabay

These blackout blinds eliminate light and give 100% privacy, allowing you to get a sound night’s sleep or simply to relax completely at leisure. What’s more, they are speedy to put in place, durable and moisture resistant, making them perfect for any room including bathrooms and kitchens..The hessian fabric is pleasingly soft to the touch.

Operated with a slick beaded metal chain, each blind includes a cleat that can be drilled into the wall to keep the chain out of reach of small children or pets.

The blind can be washed with a damp cloth to keep it in prime condition.

All blinds can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess, to a wall or ceiling. A groove tube allows for ease of reverse rolling, meaning your blind sits flush to the window and therefore minimises light entering the room from the top or sides.

Instructions and fittings are included. The blinds can be used as is or cut to size with a hacksaw and fabric scissors for a tailored fit.

Please note: the width stated is the total width of the blind including mechanisms and brackets.

If you’re using this blind in a child’s room, you must fit the safety device provided with the blind to the wall in order to tie up the pull cord safely out of the way of children and pets.

For safety we recommend that you move beds, cots and furniture away from any window fitted with a blind that has a side control mechanism, even with a safety device in place.

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John Lewis

Drop 177cm Material 100% cotton