Roller blinds own fabric
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Most soft fabrics can be laminated with a cotton backing in order to stiffen the fabric enough so that we can make it into a roller blind for you. The way this works is the fabric is passed through a special machine that has several different zones of varying heat and pressure which bond the cotton backing onto the back of your fabric.

The fabric is then over-locked on the raw edges to seal the fabric and stop it from fraying over time and made up on our standard chain operated roller blind system.

What type of fabric is suitable?

Most soft fabrics are suitable for the laminating process, however if you can send us a small piece of the fabric we are happy to do a test piece for you so we can be sure it will work.

Certain fabrics should be avoided including fabrics with very open weaves, checked or striped designs and raw silks. If in doubt we would always recommend to get in touch first and do a test laminate before ordering your fabric.

Can you source the fabric for me?

No, we believe that with a soft fabric roller blind a lot of the enjoyment in choosing the fabric is actually touching and feeling it. This also allows you to assess any flaws or imperfections that may be in the fabric before you send the material to us to be made into a blind. Below is a list of good quality fabric manufacturers whose ranges we would recommend.

Backing Types:

The cotton backing is available in both a standard dim-out quality and a blackout quality for bedrooms and comes in white or cream.

Roll direction:

Standard roll is where the fabric will roll off the back of the roller tube taking the blind close to the windows itself. As a result you will see the white or cream backing at the top of the roll.

Reverse roll is where the fabric rolls of the front of the roll, into the room so that you see your fabric rather than the backing at the top of the blind.

As standard we will reverse roll a laminated roller blind. If you would prefer the blind to be standard rolled please let us know when placing your order.

Size restrictions:

The size that can be made is determined by a few different factors including the width of the roll of fabric you want to use, whether the fabric is suitable to be joined and the size of the laminating machine. As a result we ask you to submit the form below providing us with some more information on what you would like and we can confirm if this can be made for you and provide a price.

How much fabric is required: