Funky patterned roller blinds
Image by Pixabay from Pexels

The sun has got his hat on, and he’s not set to be disappearing just yet! Of course, it’s not just the days that are bright, and if you’re struggling with the light later into the evenings and first thing in the morning, you might find yourself searching for a blackout blind. Have a read of our handy guide, or let our top tips at the bottom of the page enlighten you instead.

Ravishing Roman blinds

A Roman blind is a pretty addition to a bedroom, and combined with a blackout lining, it’s the perfect partner to a good night’s sleep. With a wide selection of prints available, there is something to suit every boudoir.

Or try a big, bold design to make a real statement in a bedroom. A patterned Roman blind is a lovely alternative to statement wallpaper.

Our Botany Blue fabric features bold blooms which will add a touch of vibrancy to your window.

And for the kids’ rooms, colour is definitely the order of the day. ! For an even darker effect, try layering a blackout Roller and a Roman blind that has a blackout lining too – a plain option combined with a pattern is so funky!

Our Circus Ring Roman blind has all the fun of the circus at home.

Radiant Roller blinds

Our Roller blind options are oh-so-clever too. We’ve a whole host of fabrics with blackout coatings, so when you pick a practical Roller blind for your bedroom, your shut-eye doesn’t have to suffer.

One common misconception about blackout blinds is that they are less effective in lighter colours. But our clever coatings mean that even our neutral options really do help keep the light out.

Our Birds Chintz Roller blind may be light in colour, but the blackout coating makes it the perfect candidate for a bedroom.

Perfect Pleated blinds

If you’ve never considered a Pleated blind before, you might not have realised that they’re available in blackout options. While non-blackout options create a lovely glowy effect at the window, the blackout coating of our Ecopleat range makes them perfect for bedrooms. And the honeycomb structure means they’ll also help to maintain a comfortable temperature whatever the weather.

Our Ecopleat Moss Pleated blind will make a lovely statement in a bedroom.

Top tips for bedroom blackout blinds

– Opt for a Roman blind for maximum choice of designs and colours