How to put up roller blinds
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

These tasks should be fairly straightforward, whether you have experience doing DIY or none at all.

Before you get started on any of our ‘how to’ guides, please take a moment to read through our DIY safety tips

How to measure windows with a recess

The recess has to be at least 75mm deep to house the operating mechanism. You also need to make sure that there are no obstructions anywhere inside the recess that might stop the blind from hanging correctly.

To allow for variations at different points of the window, measure both the width and the height of your window in three different places, taking the smallest measurement for each.

How to measure windows without a recess

You don’t want light seeping in around the edges of your blind, so once you’ve carefully measured your window’s width you need to add an extra 10cm, which will give you a 5cm overlap on either side. If your window has wide mouldings, it often looks neater to ensure your blind hangs flush with the edges, so measure from one edge of your mouldings to the other.

Similarly, when you’re measuring your window’s height, you need to take into account that the brackets or track supporting your blind will be fixed a few centimetres above your window (ideally 4 to 5cm), so you should measure from just below your proposed fixings down to the window’s sill.

2. How do I fit window blinds?

For a blind intended to fit inside a recess, you obviously need to fix the brackets to the underside of the top of the window, the adjacent walls, or the window frame.

Otherwise, fix the brackets into either the wall or a wooden batten just above the window. If it’s wide and flat enough, you can screw brackets into the window frame itself. However, you should never fix brackets into any PVC window frame.

First measure your window, using the guide above.

If you’re readjusting one of the many forms of roller blind, open it out on your floor and draw the line where you need to cut. Use sharp scissors or a knife to cut the fabric, then cut the tube using a hacksaw.

For venetian blinds, align all the slats and securely fix them together. Next, carefully cut them using a saw.

4. How do I clean window blinds?

To keep your blinds looking their best as well as ensuring they last longer, you should clean them regularly. Depending on the type and fabric, some blinds will have specific care instructions, which you’ll find either on the packaging or in the included leaflet.

Generally, however, most blinds can be simply dusted, wiped clean, or vacuumed using an upholstery brush. Better still, there are sets of brushes specifically designed to help you easily clean the slats of your venetian blind.

5. Window blinds cord safety advice

Wherever possible, you should fit either child-friendly blinds or a blind that comes with a child safety device. At the very least, however, it’s important to keep the cords out of the reach of children, such as by making sure your child’s bed or cot isn’t near the window. You should also keep the window clear of any furniture that your child might climb up.