Bespoke roller blinds
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Looking for Roller Blinds London ? We have a wide choice of roller blinds from voiles for day time privacy to dim out roller blinds, which allow a small amount of light but give night time privacy to blackout roller blinds. In certain situations, bottom up blinds can be used where privacy is required without blocking out the view or the light. Also available are heat reflective, UV filter and water proof roller blinds. We can also laminate most of our curtain fabrics to create even more bespoke roller blinds. At Prêt à Vivre we cover all London postcodes from our Curtains and Blinds Showrooms across London.

Rollers can be made with either a chain side-winder or spring roll mechanism or can be automated. Side winders provide better control than spring roll mechanisms which are better for smaller windows or where the blind is not used frequently.

Rollers can be normal roll or reverse rolled. If you reverse roll the blind, it will sit further away from the window and may affect your privacy and light exclusion.