patterned blinds for kitchen
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

So back to our main points, and to help give you some kitchen blind ideas:

– The size of your kitchen. With a large kitchen the windows become more dominant and can lead to them becoming much more of a feature in the room. On larger windows we would suggest either something bold and bright, matching in with the decor. Or opting for something lighter, like white vertical blinds.

– The positioning of your windows. If you are lucky enough to have the sun shining into the room then you may want to think about taking control with some venetian blinds. With our aluminium and faux wood venetian blinds you can tilt the slats to suit you. This means you can direct the light where you need it. Or when it gets dark, just close them completely to give you some privacy.

– How closely your blind will be located to the sink or oven? If your blinds are going to be above the sink then you might want to look at our moisture resistant options. These will be best at repelling any humidity or splashes from the sink. With a huge range of moisture resistant blinds you won’t be missing out.

– Is there a view to admire? If you have a great view out of your window then you’ll probably want to maintain this. In this instance something like a roller blind, which can be pulled all the way up to reveal the view. Or vertical blinds, which can be pulled aside might be your best options. Also with vertical blinds you can tilt them as needed to give you privacy and control over the light entering your kitchen.

– Do you need privacy? If you need your privacy, but also need the light during the day they venetian or vertical blinds for your kitchen will be best. These allow you to let the light in but when tilted correctly will stop people looking in. Ideal if you face onto a street or are overlooked by neighbours.