Photo by Dids from Pexels

Any school can be transformed into good form. However, this requires funds. Naturally, the question arises where to get them. Here the Condition Improvement Fund comes to the rescue.

There are many stereotypes that a beautiful school is with painted walls, cool furniture, lack of corridors. Still, it’s not that simple. First, it is a good climate, acoustics and light. Second, it is necessary to support certain types of activities. What if the class is designed for 23 pupils, and teachers divide children into groups of three or four kids? They need a comfortable space to work in. Third, it is necessary to avoid irritating factors. There should be no painted corridors and walls in the classrooms. It distracts attention.

Use very cool acoustic materials. It’s a myth that acoustics are difficult and expensive. In most schools, sound is reflected from plasterboard ceilings, and it is because of this that an echo is formed.

The space can be made open, large and versatile due to transparent walls made of safe materials and various types of furniture, such as chairs and even pillows.

The school canteen can be made like a restaurant with a wide selection of dishes, and work even on weekends.

Experts can adjust the light intensity and color temperature using special gadgets. Today, for example, all the lights are blue, tomorrow — orange, the day after tomorrow — green. Launch music or an audiobook from phone to audio speakers in classrooms.

Children will definitely enjoy going to study to such a school!