Image by Kindel Media from Pexels

The task of selling a house also with a plot for a realtor is not easy, here you should not lose the price and get a commission. Let’s agree that a profitable sale for us will mean the cost of the house being sold is not lower than the market average. If you are already successfully fulfilling your sales plan, and you want to receive 100% commission, then this is for you.

To advertise a house well, you need to take 10-20 photos of the house from different angles before submitting an ad and show the buyer the most beautiful places in your opinion. Specify the price for which you agreed to sell the house with the owner.

When selling a house and a plot to it, in the text of the ad, be sure to indicate what the buyer is primarily interested in. You can find out this from the first calls, if you didn’t have time to determine it yourself earlier.

The most difficult thing is not the preparation process, but the conviction of the need to prepare the house and the adjacent plot for the sale of your client. It is necessary to indicate to the owner if there are small cracks and scuffs on the walls, they need to be repaired.

It is important to evaluate not only the advantages, but to identify and in time before the arrival of the buyer all the disadvantages and figure out how to put them on the best side.

Pay attention to advertising and not only on the Internet, but also on the site itself, for example, banners, an ad or a running line on local TV, announcer announcements on local radio.