reflective blinds
Photo by Chris F from Pexels

Heat reflective sunscreen roller blinds by Solis Products are state-of-the-art window furnishings for those on the lookout for the best in service and style. Solis aims to be the ultimate one-stop solution for window treatments and accessories in Australia. With a comprehensive catalogue, the New South Wales-based company continues to satisfy expectations of design professionals and their clients alike.

Choosing Aces
Different types of blinds suit various functionalities. Venetian blinds and vertical blinds are ideal for spaces that need more privacy and better light control, such as meeting rooms, boardrooms and private offices. Roman blinds are highly recommended for decorative applications in hotels or residential applications. Meanwhile, sunscreen roller blinds are the staple, most commonly used in office applications for their practicality and ease of use.

Sunscreen roller blinds for office and commercial spaces are design elements that need careful planning. In addition to soundproofing, air quality, visual appeal and lighting are important factors to consider in achieving a productive, stylish and comfortable work environment.

Solis takes roller blinds to new levels of functionality with premium-quality fabrics for sunscreen, light filtering, silver backed and blackout specialisations. Solis roller blinds have received glowing feedback for high visual appeal, and excellent performance in controlling light, heat, ultraviolet (UV) rays and glare.

Heat Reflective Roller Blinds at Governor Phillip & Governor Macquarie Towers

The Governor Phillip Tower (GPT) and Governor Macquarie Tower (GMT) comprise one of the largest and most recognised office developments in Sydney. The complex stands proud in the north-east area of the central business district, with renovation projects underway for improved facilities. Enlisted by leasing solutions provider Dexus, Solis is the official supplier of heat reflective roller blinds for both the GPT and GMT offices.

When it comes to design, office spaces are inclined on providing comfort for occupants, to maximise productivity. Thus, Solis provided heat reflective sunscreen blinds and curtains from famous fabric line Kvadrat Maharam. These blinds were specified with PVC free metallised fabric in dark colours and a low Visible Light Transmission (VLT) to effectively reduce heat and the glare, at any angle of the sun. The resulting ambience is characterised by regulated heat and lighting in an office deemed truly conducive for work.

As expected from Solis, the sunscreen blinds did not disappoint in the aesthetic side of the project. The dark tones of the heat reflective roller blinds made for a pleasing complement to the interiors’ sleek, metallic furnishings, and contemporary colour palette. The roller blinds also feature motorisation and the innovative fascia system to conceal the roller blinds in the ceiling when not in use.

Solis supplied 10, 000 blinds in multiple stages for the office development. Aside from GPT and GMT, Solis’ résumé includes some of the Australia’s biggest and most ambitious design projects for high-profile clients, such as top law firm MinterEllison, the University of Technology Sydney Parramatta, and the University of Sydney Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.