Ready to hang roller blinds
Image by Min An from Pexels
Prefabricated Custom blinds
Least expensive option More expensive than pre-fab
Fit standard window sizes Can be made to fit any window size
Range of material quality levels Many feature higher quality materials
Usually do not come with warranties & guarantees Usually do come with warranties & guarantees


Material Cost Per Window Best For
Aluminum $20 – $70 Slat blinds
Fabric $50 – $100 Vertical blinds
Vinyl 1 $11 – $120
Bamboo $30 – $80 Roller blinds
Faux wood $30 – $95
Wood $30 – $215
Pros Cons
Inexpensive Can be easily bent/ damaged
Aesthetic appeal

Sheer fabrics allow light to come through

Can be stained or acquire mold
Most affordable Low durability
eco-friendly Natural visual variation

Can warp or fade

durability Affordable alternative to wood

Easier to maintain

Aesthetic appeal Most expensive

High maintenance


Prior to installation, you should determine whether you want to hang your blinds on the inside or outside of your window casings. This is important for establishing how you should make your measurements. Measurements should be made prior to purchasing your blinds so that you can have a perfect fit.

  • Outside mounts 2: Hanging your blinds outside the casing can make both the blinds and your window look larger. For outer hangings, you should measure from the outer edges of the casing. If your window has a sill, measure from the outer top edge of the casing to the sill.
  • Inside 2: Hanging your blinds inside can give them and the entire room a tidier appearance. They also allow for more light to come through. For inner hangings, measure the edges of the window glass where it meets the casing.

Professionals usually charge $10-$20 per standard window to install blinds. For a one-story house with 8 windows of 27-inches as we described above, the labor cost would be $80 – $160.

Installation materials like mounting brackets 2, screws and power drills are usually provided by the professional installation team. Many will also measure your windows for you.

Motorized blinds

Motors can be added to many models of blinds to make them controllable via remote. Each window will need an individual motor. Most motor rods can typically be DIY installed depending on your skill level; the labor cost of installing the motors is $30-$80 per motor.

Brand Cost Per Motor Cost Per Remote
Somfy $100 – $320
EzWand $80 Included
Simu $290
Highly durable

Comes with warranties

Most expensive
Compatible with existing blinds

Easy DIY installation

Lower durability
High powered

Special features


Eco-friendly window blinds

Wood blinds ($30-$250) are the most eco-friendly because they use replenishable materials. Some brands use wood from sustainable sources.

Energy efficient blinds

Blinds with thicker materials and slats that close tightly are best for insulation purposes. Wood blinds usually are best in this respect, followed by faux wood and fabric.

Removal and disposal of old blinds

Old blinds can be removed by unmounting them from the brackets 3. It’s possible to recycle blinds if they are made of aluminum. You will need to remove all strings 4 and non-aluminum parts before recycling.