Bamboo roller blinds made to measure
Image by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Our firm produce made to measure bamboo blinds and bespoke bamboo shading. We can manufacture the bamboo blind made to measure from six different bamboo blind materials and you can choose from 3 different kind of mechanics also. The largest width of the easy fit window roller blind may be 2, 4 meter ~= 7, 86 feet. We have very favorable price for you, only 35.00 € / square meter (m2) = 30.00 £ /10 square feet (ft2). On the right side you can see the bamboo materials which we use for fabrication. You can find the name of the material and how wide blind we can manufacture from that material in the inscription at the bottom of the images.

You can buy roll up bamboo blinds in many shops and department stores. But those bamboo shading and bamboo blinds are not sure that meets your desire (colors, dimensions, pattern of the material and so on). We can solve your problems with our made to order bamboo roll up or made to measure roman blinds (or bespoke raff blinds). These made to measure bamboo shading designed to fit all claim. You can decide the dimensions of the roller blinds (it can be extra large or very long for example), and from what kind of material we make them. But you can choose between seen and unseen mechanics, roll up or roman bamboo blinds and the side of the pull up cord also – everything can be by your custom order. We offer them on a friendly price only for 35.00 € / square meter (m2) = 30.00 £ /10 square feet (ft2) excluding the shipping fee. This price is not include the next:

  • made to measure bamboo roller blinds less than 1 square meter (m2) ~= 10 square feet (ft2) surface are made for 35.00 € = 30.00 £ / piece (independently from the surface area)
  • if you ask unseen mechanics, we use for the fabrication of the bamboo roller blind extra 0, 1 m ~= 0, 3 ft blind material then the length of the bespoke bamboo blinds. We charge the price of this.
  • the manufacturing of the bespoke roman blinds (or made to measure raff blinds) are harder, so we ask 2.00€ = 1.82£ / pieces extra cost

You can calculate the price of your made to order, custom size, made to measure bamboo blinds. Please, open our rollo calculator. The use of spreadsheet is simple. It is not allow for you to calculate for example 190 cm wide bamboo blind from a material which from can be make only 180 cm wide bamboo blind and so on. The fill out excel file serve as ordering if you will send it as an attached file by email to us.
We send samples from the bamboo blind materials free of charge and without any obligation by mail. Please, choose 4-5 samples from our materials, and we post 10*10 cm ~= 0.33 * 0.33 feet pieces by mail for you. It is important, you can see them by your eyes. The cameras and monitors can distort the colors. None of us good if you will see your bamboo blinds and think I do not like the colors. Please, ask samples. If you do not ask samples, we will not accept any reclamation for the color differents.

The mechanics are simple but a professional construction. There is a copper brake on one side. The break ensure if you roll up the blind your desired height and the string spin out to right, the brake will stop the blind. If you would like to untie the brake (to change the height of the roller blind), you have to pull the cord a little bit and and spin out to left.

Important additions

If you want to order outdoor made to measure bamboo blinds, please let us know. We will produce your bespoke bamboo blind by using water-resistant glue. This does not involve any additional cost for you.
In case of outdoor application note that these materials are natural (untreated). It is like any wood material if taken outdoor without any surface treatment, then it will be mildewed within a short time period.
We strongly recommend treating bamboo roller blinds for outdoor use with wood treatment oil from both sides(i.e. with Sadolin wood treatment oil). We do not recommend varnishing, because hardened weaving threads can not be rolled up and down. Typically, with one box of wood treatment oil (0.75 litres), 16m2 ~= 172ft2 of material can be treated. Be careful with the amount of oil you apply. It must be applied in thin layer, which the bamboo blind material can absorb. Material costs of this amount is approximately 12.5€ = 10.15£.

We can manufacture 3 kinds of bamboo blind in the EU

Traditionary custom bamboo roller blind: the material of the bespoke blind roll from down to up (roll up) and you see the mechanics. Basic priced products. The cord may be on the right side, only.

Custom bamboo blind with unseen mechanics. The material of the made to measure blind roll from down to up (roll up). Basic priced products. The price of the 10 cm = 0.33 feet bamboo blind material which is overlie the mechanics for extra price. The cord may be on the right or the left side.

made to measure roman roller blind from bamboo with unseen mechanics. The material of the bespoke bamboo blind is not roll but layered. The price of the 10 cm = 0.33 feet bamboo blind material which is overlie the mechanics for extra price and we also ask 2€ = 1.60£ / pieces extra charge because the manufacture of this kind of roller blind are very time-consuming. The cord may be on the right or the left side.

Important notice

  • these bespoke blinds may install on ceiling also,
  • you can mount easily the made to measure bamboo roller blind, we enclose all the accessories.
  • we can not accept order if your phone number is missing.

In roll up position: the diameter of bamboo roll (cm)
and the minimal height with the mechanics (cm)

Height in roll down (cm) The code is 1g. The code is 2g. The code is 2r.
100cm 6cm 15cm 12cm 19cm
150cm 7cm 16cm 13cm 20cm
200cm 8cm 17cm 13, 5cm 20, 5cm
250cm 8, 5cm 18cm 14cm 9cm 21cm

extra large roller blinds material:BC09 mechanic:1g

extra wide roller blinds material: BC09 mechanic:2g

outdoor blinds bamboo material:BC09 mechanic:2g

bamboo venetian blinds material:BC12 mechanic:1g

bamboo window blinds material:BC12 mechanic:1g

wicker blinds material:BC12 mechanic:2g

wicker roller blinds material: BC12 mechanic: 2g

8 foot wide roller blinds material: BC12 mechanic:1g

bamboo window blind material:BC13 mechanic:1g

2 foot roller blinds material:BC13 mechanic:1g

extra wide roller blinds uk material:BC13 mechanic:2g

2 metre wide roller blinds material:BC13 mechanic:2g