Patterned roller blinds
Photo by Adrien Olichon from Pexels

When you see extra wide roller blinds or smaller sized roller shades, you may think of a modern loft, trendy restaurant or high-tech media room. While they’re perfect for all of these spaces, roller shades are also surprisingly versatile for traditional decorating. Especially with the wide array of prints and fabrics available today.

New Signature Fabrics for Roller + Solar Shades

Today, we want to introduce you to our new Signature Fabric Collection for roller shades and solar shades. These patterns are only available at with the, and . We’d like to tell you about several cutting-edge features that make these shades especially exciting.

3 Levels of Light Control

These colors and prints are available in light filtering, blackout and solar fabrics, so you can give each room the light control it needs and maintain a uniform look.

On Demand Printing for Less Waste

When you shop the Signature Collection, you’re making an eco-friendly choice. All of the fabrics are printed to order, so they’re just the right size for your windows and there is very little scrap or waste at the factory.

White to Street Backing for a Uniform Look

The is also the only shade in the industry to offer colors or prints on the interior side and a white backing toward the street. This is perfect for customers who need to comply with homeowners association white-to-the-street requirements.

Exciting Colors and Prints

This collection really shines in its variety. Check out a few of our favorite colors from striped shades to floral prints and find the right look for your home! Carousel – Choose from a vast array of solid choices with color matching in all three fabric opacities. Available in, and . Copenhagen – This graphic floral will really make your windows shine. Available in and (shown below). Filligree – Celtic knots give your windows classic charm. Available in . Veranda – An organic hand-drawn trellis pattern brings the outdoors in. Available in . Varia – Subtle woven texture ads dimension without overpowering other focal decor. Available in, (shown below) and . Covington – This wide awning stripe has classic style and elongates small windows in popular colors including black and white roller blinds. Available for and (pictured below).