Insect screen roller blinds
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The main purpose of insect screens is to protect the room from insects, sowthistle or poplar fluff flying in the air in summer, and falling leaves in autumn. However, when the panel blind protects against these nature’s tricks, it does not prevent fresh air from getting into the room. The insect panel blind made by Domus Lumina from ecologically clean substance does not have negative impact on health. It is used to protect the windows, doors, balconies and terraces. The company recommends frame screens, roller screens, door screens and pleated screens. These are especially strong and durable panel blinds with the built-in qualitative mechanisms. Their fitting does not need much time and is very simple. The panel blinds-frames and panel blinds for doors ware fastened by metal plates or special magnets, thus it is easy to remove them and put back again. The panel blinds – roller blinds work by the principle of roller blinds and they are rolled up horizontally, vertically or to some side. The brush built in the lower and lateral profile of the panel blind covers all the gaps. We offer white and brown colors; however we can paint in any color desired by the customer and selected from the catalogue.