Outdoor roller blinds online
Photo by Satuk Buğra from Pexels

A: “The blind can be mounted via hooks.”

Q: “What does the slats on the blind look like?” Simeon

A: “The slats on this item are like little straws with holes on the end.”

Q: “Are these blackout blinds?” Michelle

A: “These are not blackout blinds.”

Q: “Are the hooks for mounting included with the blind?” Kristin

A: “Yes, the hooks for mounting are included with the blind.”

Q: “Is the cord situated on the right or left side?” Amy

A: “The cord is on the right side.”

Q: “Can the roller blinds be kept outdoors?” Mamta

A: “Yes, but severe weather can take its toll on anything outdoors.”

Q: “Is this blind top or side mount?” Leola

A: “It is top mount.”

Q: “Can the blind be cut?” Kathy

A: “The blind cannot be cut.”

Q: “Where is the overall length is measured from?” Ernesto

A: “The overall length is measured from the top to the bottom.”

Q: “Can you see through the blinds? I would like to use them in a patio area to block the site from under a porch with lots of debris.” Michelle

A: “These blinds are not blackout blinds and do let in a slight bit of light through the small cracks between the slats.”

Q: “Are the window coverings in standard sizes?” Elvia

A: “The available sizes are listed in the drop-down menu on the product page. There isn’t really a standard size since windows are made in all different sizes.”

Q: “Where is the overall width measured from?” Ernesto

A: “The overall width is measured from side to side.”

Q: “Are curtain rods required?” Gale

A: “Curtain rods are not required.”

Q: “Can the blind be mounted on a pole?” Jill

A: “Yes, the blind can be mounted on a pole.”

Q: “What is the cord configuration of the blind?” Nancy

A: “The cord configuration of the blind is on the right side.”

Q: “I am going to put the blind outside where it can get dirty. Can they be hosed down and dried out?” Michelle

A: “It is not recommended that you hose these blinds down in order to clean them. It will shorten the life of the blinds.”

Q: “Does the roller blind have privacy liners?” Sarah

A: “The roller blind does not have privacy liners.”

Q: “Is the roller blind transparent?” Bob

A: “Yes, the roller blind is transparent.”

Q: “Is it recommended to cut the roller blinds?” Susan

A: “It is not recommended to shorten the roller blinds.”

Q: “Can this blind remain at a certain height without being tied?” Martha

A: “The blind cannot remain at a certain height without being tied.”

Q: “Does the blind allow ventilation?” Mike

A: “Yes, the blind allows ventilation.”

Q: “Are the blinds mold resistant?” Courtney

A: “The blinds are not mold resistant.”

Q: “Is the roller blind water resistant?” Mamta

A: “The roller blind is water resistant.”

Q: “Can this blind be hosed down and dried out?” Michelle

A: “This blind cannot be hosed down and dried out.”

Q: “Can this blind be taken off without unscrewing anything?” Diane

A: “Yes, this blind can be taken off without unscrewing anything.”

Q: “Is this blind mounted from the top?” Leola

Source: www.wayfair.com