Roller blind cutting service
Image by cottonbro from Pexels

Choosing Roller Blinds are a neat, cost effective and stylish way to dress your windows. We have a dazzling array of different colours, print patterns and styles to choose from in a variety of standard sizes. They are perfect for a hallway, kitchen, for modern and small spaces. However, the Ready-Made Blinds you’ve fallen in love with may not be an exact fit for your window space. This is easily remedied with our alteration service.

Alterations are done for a small additional charge with any purchase of Ready-Made Roller Blinds from Chiltern Mills. Using our measuring guide, when you provide us with correct dimensions you require our expert team of professional seamstresses will alter to your specifications. The average turn around time for alterations is usually 4-6 days. We will let you know when they are ready.

We recommend that you let our team do the alterations as we have over 20 years of experience and always aim at perfection.

Our in-house team of professional technicians and experienced seamstresses do all the work so we never outsource to other companies. This means that Chiltern Mills can control quality and deliver the best service to you, giving you peace of mind.

After being altered by our team it will look you had them custom made for your room.

Just follow the simple steps and you are there.

If you are having the Roller Blind fitted inside the recess then go to step 2.

If you are having the Roller Blind Fitted outside the recess then go to step 3.

Altering the Width of the Roller Blind

If you are fitting the Roller Blind inside the recess of your window take the smallest width and the longest drop of your window. Sometimes the width and drop may vary slightly.

If your width is 1cm wider than the standard sizes of 60cm (24″), 90cm (36″), 120cm (48″) and 180cm (71″), then you will be able to order the standard size to fit straight into you windows recess without the need to trim the width.

Otherwise you will have to order the next widest size up and reduce the width of the Roller Blind.

Roller Blinds Drop Sizes

Most Roller Blinds come with a drop of 170 cm (67″) drop which cannot be changed because of the fittings.

Measuring the Width

If you are fitting the blind outside the window recess take the largest width and drop measurement. Chiltern Mills recommend that to minimise the amount of light which will come in from the side of the blind you add at least 8cm (3″) to each side of your window or a total of 15cm to your measured width to give your CLOTH SIZE WIDTH.

Otherwise you should order the next WIDER size which is the nearest to your CLOTH SIZE WIDTH measurement and if needed cut the roller blind width down using the alteration service.

Measuring the Drop

As you will be fitting the blind above the window frame make sure that you measure from the point that you will hang the blind from to the point where you want it to rest.