Roller blinds for kitchens
Image by Skitterphoto from Pixabay

A roller blind is a popular choice for the kitchen. If you are planning to buy made to measure roller blinds for the kitchen then we would suggest first thinking about where and how the blind is to be used and determining the important performance requirements for the blind fabric before working on ideas relating to colour and designs.

Firstly consider where the kitchen roller blinds will be in relation to your cooker and hob. If the kitchen roller blind is close enough that there could be a risk of ignition from cooking then a flame retardant fabric may be appropriate. Also if the roller blind for the kitchen will be close to the cooker then it is likely to be subject to the odd splash and splatter of foodstuffs during cooking therefore a washable or wipeable fabric will be essential, which you can wipe clean whenever the need arises. In a similar way consider how close the kitchen blind is to the sink. If the kitchen roller blinds are likely to be subject to frequent water splashes then a waterproof or water resistant fabric could be the best choice. Even if you have kitchen blinds some distance away from the cooker and sink, you must also remember that the kitchen environment is likely to be humid for long periods which can result in high levels of condensation and air borne water vapour irrespective of how effective the ventilation and extraction systems are. Finally also think about food odours. Whereas most standard blind fabrics are stiffer and will resist absorbing odours, kitchen window blinds made from heavier ‘backed’ fabrics may absorb much more odour so are unlikely to be as good a choice.

Another important factor to consider is sunlight in the kitchen. In many modern homes in the UK kitchens tend to have large areas of glazing and have been built to face the brightest view. Whilst having a nice bright kitchen provides a great feature for the house it can also cause solar gain and glare problems. Therefore made to measure rollerblinds made of blackout or solar protective or reflective coatings are worth considering. An anti-glare fabric could also be a good choice and could be used during the daytime on sunny days in a double roller blind arrangement combined with a blackout fabric for use at night.

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When you have decided how the kitchen window blind is to work and what type of fabric will be most appropriate it will be fun to come up with ideas about what colours you prefer or whether contemporary or patterned kitchen blinds are the way to go to match in with the design scheme of your kitchen. As the kitchen is now the room that most families use and meet in most often, nowadays the kitchen is often the largest and most stylish room in a typical house in the UK. Whether you have decided a performance fabric or standard fabric is the best choice for your kitchen roller blind then there will still be many colours and patterns available online, at both the cheap and luxury ends of the market. Also consider making the kitchen blind a feature itself by having a special picture roller blind made up with an image that is personal and unique – a red hot chilli pepper if you like spicy food or a maybe a photo of a view that is special to you.