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Safety in Mind

When choosing your window blind, you want to know that it will complement your decor, give you privacy, and provide the shading from the sun that you require.

If you have young children, we encourage you to also consider the small safety features that can be added to your blind, to help prevent cords or chains from posing a potential hazard.

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If you want to make it safe, make it Senses

No chains or loops make Senses ‘Slow-Rise’ the safer option.

The Senses ‘Slow-Rise’ is a chain and cord ‘loop free’ system making it one of the safest roller blind systems available on the market today. We also offer a standard chain operated Senses system with a full range of safety components and additional aesthetic features.

Child Safety

As young children can be in danger of strangulation from the loops of pull, chain and bead cords that run through and operate window coverings, it is important to take steps to make them as safe as possible.

Simple and easy to install components such as a Cord Cleat, Cord Securing Clip, Chain Tassel, Chain Pulley and Cord Stops are available and are an inexpensive and vital way of giving you peace of mind.

Having selected your new blind, please refer to our list of safety features below, or contact your window blind retailer who will be happy to advise.

Blinds Safety Features

Cord Cleat

Can be used with Vertical, Venetian, Roller, Pleated and Roman blinds. This simple device is attached high onto an adjacent wall. The cords can then be completely wound round it, out of a child’s reach.

Cord Securing Clip

This ‘P-shaped’ clip can be used with Vertical, Roller and Roman blinds. Mount it onto an adjacent wall and secure the cord/chain so that the loop cannot be easily reached.

Chain Tassel

For use with Vertical, Roller, Venetian and Roman blinds. You can eliminate the chain loop by using a single length chain with tassels attached to each end.

Cord Stop

Specifically for Venetian blinds, the cord stop is attached at the top of the control cord. Should undue pressure be placed on the cord running through the slats, the control cord will not feed back through the headrail to form a loop.

Breakaway Tassel

Primarily suited to Venetian blinds, the tassel will break apart if put under any undue pressure. Two separate cords mean that there is no potentially hazardous loop.

Mono Control

Mono control is a key safety feature of Vertical blinds. The chain and cord, used to rotate the vanes and open and close the blind, are replaced by a single rod.

Chainless Vanes

You can request sewn-in bottom weights on Vertical Blinds, eliminating the need for potentially hazardous bottom chains. Chainless Vanes are a standard feature of PVC Vertical.

INTU Blinds

INTU Blinds are specially designed without hanging cords so are particularly child safe. They are available as Pleated, Cellular, Venetian and Roller. For more information see out INTU section.

Safety Checklist

The following checklist should help you to keep your home safe:

  • Position furniture a safe distance away from windows to prevent children climbing too close to them
  • Do not allow control cords or chains to hang close to cots or beds, or to gather on the floor
  • Do not allow control cords or chains to hang free. Use one of the Safety in Mind products to secure them out of reach, or consider a cordless blind system such as INTU