Roller blinds reverse roll
Image by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Summer is here and while these long days and warm nights let you take advantage of fun outdoors, a comfortable home is also the ticket to an enjoyable summer. Window treatments are most crucial during the summer when you are dealing with rising temperatures and everlasting sunshine. Roller shades are a versatile window treatment for light control during these warm months, so follow these roller reminders to help you choose the best type of roller shades for your home.

Inside Mount or Outside Mount?

Roller shades can be installed onto your window two ways, either inside mount or outside mount, and you will see a difference in light control between the two. Inside mount shades fit inside the window frame and provide a sleeker look; however the drawback to this type of installation is that the shades do not extend the full length of the window due to the mechanics of the headrail. There will be about a 1/2″ gap between the shade and the window frame where sunlight may shine through. When ordering an inside mount roller shade, you need to measure for the width of the headrail, which controls and attaches the shade to the window and therefore, will cause the fabric to be slimmer in width than the headrail. This feature of inside mount roller shades is especially important during high summer, when the sun is rising earlier and shining brighter.

If this detail of an inside mount shades is a concern, you may want to consider outside mount roller shades. These shades are your best bet to squash any chance of daylight beaming into your home. Outside mount shades are installed over the window frame and allow for maximum light control during those bright summer days, but the drawback of outside mount rollers is that the shade will cover any decorative trim around the window when lowered. Since outside mount shades are installed on the wall above the window, these shades are ordered by measuring how wide you want the finished product to be. Obviously, if you are worried about light filtering in through the sides, make your window treatments as wide as you need for your comfort and style level.

You can solve this inside mount dilemma with a few simple tips. Choose a standard roll for your shade rather than a reverse roll. A standard roll allows the fabric to roll off the back of the shade and is therefore closer to the window for better light control. A reverse roll hangs off the front of the shade, which makes it lay farther away from the window and decreases light control.

Now that you’ve learned about the different options for installation, let me remind you why roller shades are the all-around choice to beat the heat this summer.

Go Anywhere

Roller shades are extremely versatile because they look amazing in any room of your home and their easy care and maintenance makes them even suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Just dust lightly, vacuum with an upholstery attachment, or spot clean if necessary. Roller shades can be made to fit large windows and motorized options make roller shades ideal for tall and hard to reach windows. You can even stop the heat before it hits your home, by installing these shades outdoors too.

Opacity Choices

If you are looking for a foolproof solution to light control and design, roller shades make an excellent choice. Roller shades are easy to use, sleek, practically discreet when raised, and are available in different fabric opacities ranging from blackout to sheer giving you the choice of how much sunlight you’d like to filter through. If you find the sunshine overly intense, try solar shades to block glare, UV rays, and control heat all while letting you keep the view from your window. If privacy is a concern, solar screens may not be the best option since how much you can see out, is how much others can see in.

Style Your Shades

Whether your style is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, you can fashion your roller shades to fit your design aesthetic. Roller shades are designed with simplicity in mind, so avoid embellishments if you’re seeking a minimalistic look or top with a valance or matching drapery to dress them up.

Pick a Color, Any Color

Roller shades are available in every color of the rainbow as well as unique patterns. You can even become the designer and print your own image onto the shade. Don’t stop at just color choices. You can also choose different textures for roller shades such as grasses and weaves. With such a wide variety available, there will always be the perfect match for any room.