Roller blinds and curtains
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There’s no better feeling than personalizing a room to make it your own. Whether you’re using color, fabric, art, wall hangings or a combination of all of these things, it’s always rewarding to mix and match — and this month at, it pays too.

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or read on to and learn how to layer your windows like a pro.

…If You Love Drapes

If you want your windows to have visual softness and voluminous fabric, layer blackout drapes and sheer panels. Your room will be airy and bright during the day, with sound sleeping at night. Sheer panels let in soft filtered light while still preserving privacy, and blackout drapes allow for serenity and a full night of rest. You can even use two drapery rods to move either set independently, letting you control the light in your room however you want.

Laura Ashley Pinch-Pleat Drapery Panels (Blackout Lining) | Lucerne Wanda | Drapery Hardware

Other Options:
Ultimate blackout | Canvas Blackout

…If You Want an Eye Catching Look

Layering your windows with Roman shades and draperies can help you achieve an elegant look with true depth. Roman shades can leave small light gaps near the window frame—adding decorative side panels can give you complete darkness, while also letting you combine, mix and match patterns and styles of fabric. Choose from dozens of fabric options to achieve whatever look you want.

Classic Roman Shades | Easy Classic Pleat Panels

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…If You Want Modern Sleekness

Create a trendy, modern look by layering crisp cell shades and contemporary grommet drapes. These two products can give your window almost complete versatility in simple, very easy-to-use products. Cellular shades provide almost every customizable upgrade you can imagine, while drapes add a splash of color and personality. The state of the art top-down/bottom-up lift system allows you to let in light from any part of the window.