Roller blinds Adelaide
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Factory Direct Blinds made in our Adelaide showroom
Bob Burns Blinds Roller Blinds are designed to harmonise with the decorative style in any room. They’re available in many different trims and fabrics ideal for either contemporary or traditional aesthetics. Roller blinds are a smart, inexpensive solution for any window, and offer a high level of privacy with top quality materials in plain or self-patterned styles.

KEEP COOL STAY WARM. Our wide range of materials prove a great insulation for your home during summer and winter. Range of fabrics that are energy saving and cut the glare out which provides protection from fading of furnishing and carpet.

There are two choices of operation available – spring operated, which has been used over many years, or the new side control which is versatile for those hard to reach places.

Roller blinds are known for their longevity and now with new wipe clean fabrics in fade-resistant colours, the Roller blind will last and give you an even more economical option for your windows.

Bob Burns Blinds will repair your old Roller blinds and for rental properties we have special prices. So bring your old blinds in and our staff will be pleased to help you.

Roller Blinds FAQs

Block out materials proving 100% block out and the sun screen material provides 85-90% block out. It blocks the glare of the sun but still allows natural light to come in. It also restricts people looking in, in day time light.

The fabric will provide 100% block out but light may come through on the side. We do have multiple ways to prevent that light coming in through the side if needed.

Block out is a solid material with different compositions which blocks out all light and gives 100% privacy. Light filtering allows natural light to come in, whilst still providing privacy. Sun Screen is polyester coated mesh. It comes in 3%, 5% and 10% openness. Sunscreen material restricts light and glare from coming in but allows you to still see out depending where the light is. If it is day to day light, people will be restricted from seeing in but as night falls and it becomes dark outside, people can see in if you have lights on inside.