Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Anyone searching for patterned roller blinds will quickly become aware of the vast range of styles, patterns, and textures that are available on the market today, and while deciding between bright & contemporary, and funky & floral, the thought of finding exactly what you want can seem somewhat overwhelming. The hardest part of the task of finding a perfect patterned roller blind for your interior design scheme can often be looking through all the different styles available to find the one that is going to be perfect for you. Here we are going to give you a few things to think about which might help to speed up your searching and decision making process and get straight to a range of similar styles within which we hope will be that perfect patterned window blind.

Before we talk about filtering between different colours and pattern styles we should quickly mention fabric performance. If the blind you are looking for is to be used in a situation or environment that will require the fabrics to have certain performance qualities then you should look for fabric performance first as this will almost certainly narrow down your choice of fabric options considerably. Certain types of performance fabrics tend to only be made by most manufacturers in solid plain colour styles. For example although fire retardant and anti-bacterial roller blinds are available in patterned fabrics, the range of pattern styles offered by manufacturers is usually very limited. If you are looking for patterned roller blinds for the kitchen or bathroom and require a moisture resistant blind then you will probably have more choice. Finally patterned blackout roller blinds are used as a design statement in all types of bedrooms from the nursery to the luxury boudoir so there is usually quite a range of interesting blackout blinds to choose from.

When looking for a patterned roller blind think about what is most important to you about the pattern. If it is the main colour that is important, then try looking through that colour palette first as many retailers group similar colours together and will put for example red patterns alongside plain coloured red roller blinds in their displays. If it is the type of pattern that is most important then some designs will be much easier to find then others. For example bold stripes, spots and flowers can usually be found quite easily. However other designs such as damask and geometric shapes may require more searching and may end up with you having to leaf through lots of different styles before you find what you are looking for.