How to make your own roller blinds
Image by TaniaRose from Pixabay

Create lovely fabric roller shades on your own with the Fabric Roller Shade Kit. It includes essentials like fabric backing, hardware and more that’s required to add customized look to your window panes. The shade kit comes with complete instructions, located inside the core, to make professional looking fabric roller shades. Simply follow the seven easy steps and your a elegant roller shade is ready to install.

  • Brand: Cotswold
  • Collection: Fuse-A-Shade
  • Includes fuse-a-shade fabric backing, all hardware and instructions
  • Instruction sheets are located inside the core
  • Dimensions: 72 inches length; 41 inches wide (fit any window)
  • Shade is approximately 81″ long
  • Any window up to 41″ wide
  • Made in USA

Create beautiful custom fabric roller shades in 7 easy steps:

  • 1) Measure window.
  • 2) Cut roller tube, fabric and Fuse-A-Shade.
  • 3) Fuse backing to fabric.
  • 4) Fuse casing for bottom slat.
  • 5) Complete your roller shade.
  • 6) Mount roller shade bracket.