How to make roller blinds with fabric
Image by Digital Buggu from Pexels

Plain roller shades are an affordable window treatment option, but fall a little flat in style department. Here’s how to dress them up. [MUSIC] You’ll need vinyl roller shade, enough fabric to cover the shade, black pom pom fringe, hot glue gun and glue sticks, foam brush, decoupage medium, iron on adhesive strips, clamps, iron, fabric scissors and all purpose scissors. First, remove the vinyl shade from the roller tube. Cut the fabric to the width of the vinyl shade, and the length of your window. [MUSIC]. Leave three quarters of an inch extra for the hem. Fold the edge over, and iron to create the hem. [MUSIC] Iron no sew adhesive to the edge. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Let cool for a few seconds and peel off the paper backing. Fold the hem over, and iron again to adhere. Repeat on both sides and the bottom. Then, attach the fabric to the roller tube with adhesive called decoupage medium. Clamp, and let dry completely. Attach decorative trim to the bottom edge of the fabric using a glue gun. Install the shade like a normal roller shade with the brackets that come with it. [MUSIC] Now, you have an operational shade but much prettier.