how to remove hillarys roller blinds
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Roller blinds are a really practical choice for high usage areas, especially if you choose a wipe clean performance fabric, which is specially designed for these areas.

Even if you don’t have a specialist fabric your Roller blind is easy to keep clean. For regular cleaning, all you need to do is open your blind fully and wipe in a downwards motion from top to bottom using a clean, damp cloth.


If you cannot remove a stain with water alone, try using a fabric stain removal product. Simply treat the stained area following the manufacturer instructions.

While this is an effective cleaning method, be advised that, once cleaned, the treated area of the blind may look significantly lighter than the rest of the blind.

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If, over time, your sidewinding mechanism becomes stiff or noisy, then you may need to lubricate this area using a professional silicone spray. This is widely available and is safe and effective for use in all areas, including food preparation areas and moisture prone areas such as bathrooms. Simply follow the manufacturer instructions for use, making sure you avoid spraying the Roller blind fabric, which may become stained.

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