Electric roller blinds price
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You must be thinking that every design decision you make takes weeks to get the perfect outcome. You have paint swatches on every well of your new home, you’ve sat on so many different couches you’ve lost count and you find yourself scrolling through social media for hours trying to find the perfect accessories to match the new bed linen for the guest bedroom. However, you are missing one of the most important features for your home and one that can also take time to get right – the perfect window covering solution. Whilst it’s hard enough to figure out what type of blind would work best for the room and the right colour fabric, another consideration you need to make is whether to go with motorised blinds or traditional corded operation. Stress no more, we have you covered with all things motorised blinds to help you make the perfect decision.

Motorised blinds

continue to be one of the fastest growing blind types in Australia. With technology continually advancing, especially technology for the home, the demand for motorising blinds is increasing. Connected and smart technology is all the rage now and the trend only continues to expand and become cheaper. The luxury of being able to control your window coverings with just the touch of a button and the knowledge that the technology behind motorised or electric blinds have only become simpler, has only contributed towards the increasing popularity of the motorised blind.

In the past, motorised blinds were seen to be complicated, expensive, and unpleasing to the eye. The motors were usually loud and often unreliable, which left motorised blinds in the dark, especially when compared to cordless option. However, with much needed advancements in technology, retailers saw this demand and improved the product to only have motorised blinds become a go-to option for many.

Types of motorised blinds

In Australia, there are two main options of motorised blinds, both which have their benefits and downfalls. Both basically have the same outcome however the biggest difference between the two is cost and installation method. So, let’s take a look at the two different options available for motorised blinds in more depth.

Battery powered blinds

The first option of motorised blind on the market is battery powered. This is the most common and affordable type of motorised blind as they don’t require an electrician to wire the blind for power and control. Battery powered are surprisingly powerful however, depending on the level of use, the battery needs to be replaced approximately every six months. The remote used to control the blinds usually can control multiple at one time, depending on the brand.

Hardwired blinds

The second option available for motorised blinds is hardwired. This option is still a popular way to go with the electric blind however is more expensive when compared to the battery powered option. The hardwired option requires an electrician to run separate lines to each blind which connects them all to one control panel. Even know this option is more expensive, it is also more reliable, convenient, and sometimes worth the initial investment.

Advantages of motorised blinds

Purchasing motorised blinds can be a great option for many, especially if you are looking for convenience and a trendy way to impress guests when they come to visit. Even though electric blinds are not the exorbitant prices they once were, they are still more expensive than standard corded window coverings. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages to motorising your blinds and how they may be a benefit to you and your home.

1. Child Safety

One of the most important features of motorised blinds and a great advantage especially for those who have small children running around their home. By eliminating the use of cords to operate and control the blind, this makes motorised blinds completely child safe and pet friendly whilst also eliminating the stress and worry of constantly having to monitor your kids when they play near the window covering.

2. Convenience

The most popular reason people purchase motorised blinds, ease of use and convenience. Putting aside the extra cost and the installation process, motorised blinds are simple to use and are perfect for windows which are in hard to reach locations. For example, window which are located on staircases can be difficult to control regularly and would require a pole to manoeuvre the manual blind. Whereas, with a motorised blind, control is simple with just a touch of a button the blind can be opened or closed in any position desired.

3. Window covering trend

Most people would not frequently change their blinds, especially based on what is trendy in the marketplace. Most blinds are seen as some form of investment and usually used in the home for a prolonged period of time. However, for those on the hunt for new blinds, motorised is the talk of the town. They are a great way to make an impact on guests and can even become the centrepiece for a home. Not only are they a fantastic way to amplify a space, they also add value to your home and are a unique selling feature.

4. Vast range of options

Motorised blinds were quite rare in the past and few retailers stocked them and they only came in a few styles. Well now, motorised blinds are not such a rarity and come in a range of different style to suit anyone’s décor (for example, honeycomb blinds, roller blinds). Not only do they come in different styles, you can also pick them up in a massive range of fabric options as well.

How much do motorised blinds cost?

The all-important question about motorised blinds, how much do they really cost? Well, it’s not as simple as it may sound. There are many different factors which can affect the price of motorised blinds. Some of these factors include, the number of blinds in one window (e.g. one window, two blinds is more expensive than one window, one blind), the type of motorised blinds (e.g., ), whether the motorised blind is battery powered or hardwired, the list goes on.

There are a few ways to keep the cost of motorised blinds down but still give you the luxury and convenience. For example, for a 3-stack sliding door, instead of having 3 blinds in the one door frame, you could put 2 blinds, one which cover the least frequently used section of the door and the most used section of the door with its own blind. This will help to decrease the cost. Similarly, choosing a battery powered motorised blind is going to be most cost efficient as it does not require extra resources such as an electrician to install.

With all this information now at hand, you can decide if motorised blinds are the best option for you. It’s best to consider all the factors, even know budget and cost is probably the most important and biggest factor to consider, it is also important to determine if motorised blinds are worth the investment. Whilst they are very convenient, look great and add value to the home, they also require regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning well.

Source: www.venetablinds.com.au