Dual roller blinds Melbourne
Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

Dual Roller Blinds give you the best of both worlds. Dual Blinds allow you to control the inside environment of your home by combining two roller blinds on one bracket. This combination of function gives your home a cool and sophisticated beauty.

  • Dual Roller Blinds system includes two different types of fabrics on two Roller Blinds but on the one single bracket.
  • Multilink control system allows you to operate up to three blinds with just one control.
  • They are great for energy saving in Summer & Winter.
  • Dual Roller Blinds can be operated via chain or electric motors. Our motors can be operated via a remote (up to 15 blinds on the one remote!), or a hard wired switch. They can also be programmed to self-operate.

Dual Roller Blinds are custom made and you can have transparent blind and a block out blind on the same window. This innovative blind system includes two different types of fabrics on a single bracket. They are made for design and durability.

Clayton Tip Top Blinds

Our Blinds have heavy duty components and easy to operate mechanism for lowering and lifting of large blinds. They are cut ultrasonically and edges are sealed professionally by eliminating fraying on edges to provide an appealing finish. We have powder coated metal brackets and our chains are either metal with a silver finish or plastic colored chains to coordinate with your contemporary finish.

These Blinds are a combination of the Sunscreen Roller Blind and a Blockout Roller Blind mounted onto a special double bracket.

We are Melbourne based company. Our blinds complement your décor and your budget. We give you value by serving you in three ways; great quality, great looks and great factory direct prices. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction as our customized Dual Roller Blinds meet the stringent Australian manufacturing standards.

Our premium quality Dual Roller Blinds give amazing and modern look to your rooms, whereby adding protection of furniture from dangerous UV rays. Our fabrics are bacteria, mold and fade resistance.

Amazing fabric selection and colors to choose from. Come view them in our showroom in Clayton, Melbourne.

To make your each room very special, Tip Top offers you a range of fabrics and colors to choose from. All our fabrics are from reputed textile manufacturers.

Our special fabrics and designs give your house clean and uncluttered look that appeals to today’s architects and interior designers. Our blinds give your interiors elegant looks by giving you privacy and comfort.

Dual Rollers Blockout screen Fabrics

Source: www.tiptopblinds.com.au