Cream lace roller blinds
Image by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Cream, whether it be a delicate shade of pale ivory or a dark golden antique cream, is a colour of roller blind that works well in every setting or room; for sitting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens alike, there is a style and type of cream roller blind fabric to suit every taste and interior.

Plain cream roller blinds may be desired to match the interior design scheme but if a room darkening solution is also required a cream blackout roller blind will be needed. This may be either a fabric in a dense enough weave or a fabric lined by a special blackout backing or coating to eliminate 100% of visible and UV light penetration. Fitting a blackout blind well is important to minimise the amount of light that will still pass around the sides of the blind where the fabric meets the window recess when drawn. A blackout roller blind is the perfect solution for a bedroom where daylight needs to be eliminated and privacy maintained but there are also dim out cream roller blinds available which offer good levels of shading, or high opacity as manufacturers refer to it, and wide ranges of fabric textures and patterns. As a general rule of thumb, if a fabric is heavily textured with a densely woven close weave – it will have higher levels of opacity. For lighter colours it is best to check the properties carefully and order fabric samples to check this before purchasing.

Sheer or lace cream roller blind fabrics can offer fantastic light filtering options with many styles of striped voile roller blinds, or spotted patterned blinds that can both diffuse and shed light whilst allowing maximum light to pass through the blind into the room. Semi-transparent or sheer cream roller blinds and weave fabrics are an excellent solution where light needs to be diffused but the view retained through the window blind when drawn. The need for privacy at various times of the day should be considered especially when the interior is to be lit and the exterior is in darkness.

There is a style of fabric to suit every mood and taste from silken roller blinds to heavily textured woollen effect fabrics in plain cream or patterns with a cream background. Colours that combine well with cream include black, blue, brown, red and even purple. For rooms that have certain conditions, such as water, like kitchens or bathrooms, there are specialist fabrics. A waterproof blind made from PVC would be suitable for a shower area or a bathroom blind could be one in a fabric that comes recommended for moist conditions by the manufacturer. These fabrics have the appearance and texture of normal fabrics but are treated with a special water repellent coating and means that they can also be cleaned with a damp sponge as water does not permeate and damage the fabric fibres.

An anti-bacterial coating can also be applied to fabrics which will prohibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew which can be a practical addition for a window blind fabric in damp conditions. Energy saving roller blinds would be using fabrics designed by manufacturers to be more thermally efficient or might be backed by solar reflective or solar protective coatings to reduce solar gain and aid in relative heat loss. Remember all fabrics reflect, absorb and transmit sunlight to some extent.