girls bedroom blinds
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Every room in your home serves a different purpose, whether it’s a spot for relaxing, a place for working, or somewhere to cook, eat or sleep. These functionalities should always be kept front of mind when making design decisions, ensuring that the room is practical whilst still looking great.

Here at Blinds Direct, we understand the importance of informed interior design. We are also very aware of every home’s uniqueness (and every homeowners uniqueness, too!). That’s why we offer a fantastic collection of blinds and curtains that are specific to every space in the house, with plenty of colour, pattern and fabric options to appease all tastes.

Today we’re going to be discussing the best blinds for children’s bedrooms. It goes without saying that the fundamental aspect of a child’s bedroom is safety, which is why all window dressings should come complete with child safety devices that remove the risk of unrestrained cords and chains. Following safety comes comfort, ensuring that your little one’s room is a pleasant place to relax and play. Kids bedrooms should also be inspiring, encouraging creativity and self-expression. Here at Blinds Direct, we offer a great selection of curtains and blinds that fit the bill. Here are the best four window dressings for a child’s room…

Easy Wipe Roller Blinds

First, easy wipe roller blinds, which are the perfect solution for grubby hands and little accidents. Your child’s bedroom can take quite the battering, so it’s sensible to create a space that’s very easy to clean and maintain. With wipe clean roller blinds, all you need is a warm damp cloth, which will remove stains and stickiness quickly and effectively.

Our wipe clean roller binds are available in a wide choice of colours and prints, so you can select the perfect style for you little one. We’re particularly fond of the Railux Dino design in green, the Railux Up Up Away roller, and also the Railux Pastel Pink roller. You could also opt for a plain colour or a more simple design, which will continue to complement the space as your child grows and interests change.