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In offices, partitions and doors between rooms are often made of glass. For such a case, the best choice would be vertical blinds installed on the cornice along the entire glass partition and doors.
When opening, the canvas can move both in one and in different directions. In this case, a gap between the parts of the canvas is made in the place where the door is located, for unhindered access to it. But sometimes even blinds jam, as do the locks. If the blinds can be easily repaired, then you will have to tinker with the lock. There is a special service for this Local Manchester Locksmith.
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Professional locksmith

The person who opens doors is called a locksmith. Professionals are called in emergency cases when people cannot get home for one reason or another. The worker will have to spend 7 minutes to open the door without damage. A locksmith should be called if a person has lost the keys to an apartment, the door has slammed, the key won’t turn, or the cylinder has broken.

Why should you contact a lock picking specialist?

What are people called who open locks? If you call a qualified locksmith, you can save money. The worker will open the door carefully and without damage. You will only have to spend money on replacing the “cylinder” or the secret part of the lock. If you open the door yourself, you can not only damage the entire mechanism, but also the door leaf.
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The locksmith will arrive within 20-30 minutes and open the door. You don’t have to wait long for the technician, as he instantly responds to the call and arrives right away. When a specialist opens the lock, he will immediately change the cylinder and install a more reliable and high-quality lock. You should not try to break the door, as this can end very badly.