bath with large tiles
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Preparing the necessary finishing materials before repairs, most buyers are used to seeing standard-shaped tiles in stores, namely a small square or rectangle.

Some time ago, mosaic tiles gained great popularity.

Today, large-format tiles are becoming relevant, surprising the average user with their size.

Advantages of large-format tiles

  • Undeniably respectable appearance. If the tile copies the look of marble or granite, then it is quite capable of becoming a real decoration of the room;
  • The process of laying it is several times faster, especially taking into account the appeal to a competent specialist who knows how to work with such material;
  • Large format tiles allow you to create a monolithic wall with a minimum or complete absence of visible seams;
  • The production of such a format of finishing material is mainly carried out by large manufacturers who choose environmentally friendly and safe material;
  • Despite the fact that the tile is only gaining popularity, it already has a lot of shades and imitations of more expensive materials.
large tiles
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Negative features of large tiles

  • For a large tile, an ideal base is needed, because otherwise all the differences will be noticeable, and the glue protruding from the seams will be difficult to eliminate;
  • Large-format tiles are very difficult to fit the size of the room. If you do not carefully calculate all the sizes, there will be a lot of scraps, and accordingly a lot of extra spending;
  • Installation of large tiles is a very time-consuming process. The tile weighs a lot, and it requires a lot of physical effort. Usually, two performers are required to work, which leads to double payment for the specified services.

Before you start laying tiles, you need to prepare the necessary tools, including a holder that provides vacuum suction cups.

green large tiles
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You also need spatulas, a construction mixer, a primer, a level and a tile cutter for a large format and the most important thing is skill.