What is a console and what is its place in the interior?

wood console table
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

The console is one of the undervalued pieces of furniture. It is rarely mentioned when it comes to necessary furniture for the house. Meanwhile, the small console is fraught with great possibilities — both functional and decorative.

There are many types and forms of wood console table. They can be attached to the wall or have legs, be low and high, be equipped with drawers or have a table top no wider than the palm of your hand, be a model of minimalism or amaze the imagination with skillful wood carving. But they are all united by 2 main features:

  • Placement: the console is almost always placed against the wall.
  • Purpose: the console is a decorative table. It is installed as a decoration by itself, or serves as a stand for a lamp, vase, figurine.

Where should I put the console?

In some models, the design itself provides for fixing the countertop to the wall. Free-standing consoles on 4 legs or a central support, in most cases, are also installed against the wall.

In rare cases, the console is installed close to the back of the sofa.

There is a place for a decorative console table in any room, except, perhaps, the kitchen.

The console can be supplemented with a wall mirror suitable in style. Such a duet will look great in the hallway or corridor. And if you complement it with a chair or an ottoman, it will become an alternative to a dressing table in the bedroom or a compact work corner in the living room.