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Fashion window blinds
Image by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Window blinds are light-protective structures consisting of interconnected adjustable lamels, the mechanism of action of which varies depending on the type of construction.

Fashion window blinds are used for:

  • adjusting the degree of illumination of the room by the sun;
  • protection from prying eyes;
  • limit the ingress of dust and moisture into the room;
  • sound insulation

To choose blinds, in addition to appearance, you need to pay attention to several important parameters, which include:

  1. Design. The area of the space required for installation will depend on this.
  2. Type of control. Manual control with a rotating barrel and cable is used in roller shutters installed on small windows. For large structures, it is convenient to use automatic control with an electric motor, which is activated by a button on the remote control. The most modern models have remote control and are equipped with light sensors and timers.
  3. The weight of the model. The stronger the supporting structure is, the heavier the window blinds can be.
  4. The number of positions in which the bars can be fixed.
  5. Environmental friendliness: the level of noise generated, no emissions of harmful additives into the air.
  6. Aesthetics: resistance to fading, deformation of individual lamels, the duration of preservation of the original shape of the item.

It is better to select practical plastic blinds for the kitchen, vertical or horizontal wooden fabric blinds are suitable for the living room and bedroom, compact and practical roller blinds can be used in the children’s room. If desired, you can combine window blinds with traditional curtains.