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Initially, the avant-garde loft style is based on industrial aesthetics. “Industrial” space rejects decor and decoration in the usual sense, so loft-style lighting in the interior becomes one of the main components of design. We understand how to organize loft-style lighting, and which lighting devices are suitable for this.

Features of light in loft interiors

The light in the loft interior is given a decisive importance. To make the situation in the room look truly authentic, lighting devices are chosen especially carefully. The style is characterized by the following features:

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  • Lighting is always complex, multi-level. It is impossible to qualitatively illuminate a large space with one lamp, therefore, several differently illuminated functional zones are combined. Each zone is illuminated quite brightly, the space between them is filled with diffused light, for example, with the help of these led ufo high bay lights.
  • In large lofts, the industrial environment has clear bohemian features. In small and low rooms, the same effect is easiest to achieve by using several lighting fixtures. A combination of several sconces, a floor lamp, a pair of small chandeliers will do.
  • In order for the lamp to fit harmoniously into the interior, it should resemble industrial specimens, for example, how 4ft led linear high bay look, look simple and rough. The materials are: metal (except chrome) and glass.
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  • The canons of style change over time, the appearance of modern loft chandeliers in the interior becomes more refined, refined, although the decor is still missing. Many of these lighting fixtures are successfully used in other styles (modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, retro).
  • The lamps offered by the manufacturers include interesting additions: glass of unusual texture, blown glass of complex shape, decor in the form of rivets or metal engraving. The colours do not change, they are still shades of metal: black, white, brass, bronze. Enamelled models can be bright: blue, red, yellow.

The comfort of loft-style housing is greatly influenced by properly selected lighting. It is characterized by multilevel, the choice of certain materials (mainly metal and glass), the lack of decor.