How to pack
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

It is not easy to control the safety of things when moving. In order not to be disappointed at the sight of a broken TV during unloading, all property must be carefully packed.

In what order to collect things

First of all, pack all bulky items and things that you do not use. After that, start packing small things, dishes and toys. Then prepare household appliances and clothes for transportation. When you have distributed everything into boxes and drawers, get down to the furniture.

Often you can buy all the necessary packaging materials from companies like, from which you leave things in a storage place.

How to pack bedding and curtains

Vacuum bags will help to make small stacks of voluminous blankets, pillows, curtains and linen. Pump the air out of them and wrap them with a film.

How to pack clothes

Sort the clothes first. Fur coats, coats, jackets and other things that require careful care are best transported in cases. If necessary, use a vacuum bag. Put the rest in plastic bags and place it in suitcases and backpacks, observing the principle of “everything important is on top”.

How to pack furniture

The main thing when transporting furniture is not to damage the upholstery and corners. The upholstery will be protected by a bubble wrap. Cover the corners and delicate wooden parts with cardboard, and wrap the packaging film on top.

How to pack household appliances

Wrap the equipment with bubble wrap. It is better to wrap the TV or monitor screen in 2 layers, fixing it with adhesive tape, and lean it against a flat surface in the car.