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Wi-Fi has become the main transport protocol of our home network. It is very convenient, eliminates wires, is quickly installed and configured. But traditional routers have limited functionality and poor coverage, and are only suitable for a studio apartment. And what to do if you have a multi-room apartment or house? The answer to this question is to order the UniFi installation.

What is UniFi?

Ubiquiti installation is an installation of a corporate platform consisting of wired and wireless network devices, as well as a hardware and software controller with centralized management, with hybrid support for secure cloud services.


Compared to other enterprise platforms, UniFi allows network administrators to quickly configure, manage and monitor network devices without any licensing costs.

In larger areas, Wi-Fi will work in a limited area. And because of the multitude of users, there will be an impressive network traffic that a regular router is not able to handle.

Installing UniFi allows you to make the network much more scalable and fault-tolerant. For example, if one of the access points has stopped functioning, it will be necessary to replace only this point, and not the entire network.

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What might you need?

These functions can be performed by various devices, everything will depend on your needs.

You can ask UniFi installers to install the controller. It is a powerful enterprise software module, ideal for deploying wireless networks with high client density, requiring low latency, high performance and seamless roaming, which will ensure that you perform your work tasks perfectly. Intuitive and reliable configuration, management, monitoring and configuration of thousands of access points.

If you have a large house, then you can additionally install a family of access points. Using the controller software, it is easy to configure and manage all access points with an easy-to-learn user interface.

Unlimited scalability – you can create wireless networks, both large and small, as needed. Start with one device and increase to hundreds, while maintaining a single unified management system.