Green Decoration
Photo by Elifin Realty on Unsplash

Designers are constantly looking for fresh ideas allowing you to place color accents and create a special homely warm comfort. Live plants were used previously for these purposes. Today they have been replaced by green walls made of artificial foliage. It is widely used in the interior of a residential building. Learn below, what you can do with it, how to decorate the space around.


The appearance of artificial greenery, which outwardly quite skillfully imitates the natural green cover, has changed a lot. A person who does not peer into its structure is unlikely to see a significant difference. Therefore, the illusion of deception is actively exploited today by residential interior designers.

At its core, it is a plastic greenery, which is made of polymer fibers. Externally, it is very similar to the stems and leaves of plants. By the way, such decorations are not only green, there are also red, yellowish, pink and lilac shades. It all depends which plant is being imitated. Designers currently use artificial foliage in the interior of offices and residential premises.

Foliage inclusions help prevent the development of depression associated with the onset of prolonged cold season. Environmentally friendly materials are used for its manufacture, the product does not emit hazardous substances into the air during its usage.

It is not difficult to find the use of the material in interior decoration. To do this, you just need to turn on your imagination and think about what you can make of it. If you boldly experiment with this direction, you will be able to create an exclusive interior.