The area of Southark is an excellent choice for buying an apartment in new buildings in south London, as it is considered somewhat prestigious in the city due to its attractions. But before buying, you should still find out about the appearance of the area.

General info

Greater London is like a picture made up of just over 30 puzzles – administrative districts or boroughs. They are all different from each other. Each of them has its own temperament, character and history. Get to know one of the oldest districts of London, Southwark, where hordes of tourists invariably come to see the famous Tower Bridge.

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Through hardship to the stars

The present state of affairs in Southwark contrasts sharply with a very turbulent and unsavory past. Its appearance is roughly dated back to the Roman era. For several centuries until the 20th century, this place had a reputation as a seedy place that served as a haven for seasoned criminals of various stripes and women of easy virtue, a concentration of gambling houses, brothels and prisons. The latter institutions became famous for the incredible cruelty of torture inflicted on prisoners. All these facts made the city isolated for a long time.

In 1965, Southwark acquired its modern shape and is located in the southern part of central London on the banks of the Thames, which, as if in memory of a turbulent past, separates it from the City. Its advantageous geographical location and the intersection of the most important transport hubs on its territory have always played in Southwark’s favor, literally reviving it from the ashes and giving people a great opportunity to make prestigious property investment in Southwark.

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Southwark nowadays

Southwark managed to transform itself into an important, rapidly developing administrative center. New modern buildings have glorified the London area no less than those historical monuments that have survived to our times and are of the highest cultural value.

What does Southwark have to offer?

The bridges are an undoubted highlight of the borough, making it easy to cross the Thames and enjoy panoramic views of Southwark. Tower Bridge, one of the many symbols of London, is a complex engineering structure. Between the two towers, in which the galleries are organized, there are sliding and suspended bridge structures. You should definitely go up to one of the gallery observation platforms and visit the museum, which will tell you many interesting facts to get to know about this area.

How to get there

Southwark is considered one of the largest transport hubs. Many types of transport are concentrated here. Southwark, Borough, London Bridge are the main London underground stations located in the area. The riverside location allows guests to travel to Southwark by waterbus.

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Past influences are not so easy to get rid of. To this day, despite the efforts of Londoners, Southwark has a reputation as one of the troubled and poorest areas. We can only wish him further success in becoming and getting rid of attached labels and stereotypes with a negative connotation.