furniture on the wooden floor
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Wooden blinds look very stylish in any house or apartment. Also, wooden floors will look stylish with them too, no matter if it is a board or parquet ordered from Floor Sanding Essex. Although at present there are many prejudices about such flooring. But all these are myths, if you look at these things seriously.

Prejudice 1: The floorboard looks cheap

We think that it is too simple, not to say trite: without unnecessary pathos and very affordable (and we are not rich enough to buy cheap things as Englishmen say), and our feet carry us towards the exotic flooring section.

But these are all prejudices. The floorboard can be decorated and made to look like a million. Most likely, you just don’t know how to work with it. Or you simply don’t want to deal with the “finishing” of the material – after all, most of the offers of parquet boards and parquet blocks (assembled into boards for laying parquet) are even sold varnished, completely ready for laying on the floor.

Floorboard is a decorator’s adrenaline rush: starting with laying the floorboard on the floor, the floorboard takes on a second life on the walls and even on the ceiling. However, not everyone dares to such decorative experiments.

person on wooden floor
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Prejudice 2: The floorboard will dry out

Whereas the appearance of exotic materials is always on top. Unfortunately, neither the exoticism, nor the fact that a parquet block was produced in some distant country, does not guarantee that natural wood floors will not dry out and monstrous gaps will not appear between the floorboards (they are always monstrous, because you paid so much for it – it just must be perfect). The state of the laid floor depends, in many respects, on the microclimate in your particular interior.

Prejudice 3: Pine board creaks

The high cost of a parquet board will not insure you against creaking floorboards (creaking is not a wood problem, it is rather a problem in laying a floorboard). Most likely, the installers made a mistake: they laid the plywood incorrectly or unevenly installed the logs. So choose professionals like Essex Floor Sanding.

Conclusion: all the misfortunes of the array (whatever the type of wood) are present in any case and almost in full. And a high price is no guarantee against anything.

brown wooden floor
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Prejudice 4: The floorboard is only pine

You might be surprised by the results – but if you search for “floor board” you’ll see a huge list of sites selling budget material. Floors made of natural wood – in addition to pine, there are also larch, and oak, and even ash and cedar.

Board acclimatization

Usually, after buying any wood (it’s not just about floorboards, the same is true for parquet and solid boards), it should be allowed to lay at home, warm and dry, for at least a week. This will allow the board to avoid deformation. By the time it is laid, you will be sure that it corresponds to the climate of the apartment in terms of humidity.