Where is the best place to store harvest
Image by Jacob Lange from Pixabay

Nowadays, wooden boxes are actively used for the transportation and storage of all kinds of goods, but at the same time they can often be found both in everyday life and in gardening. Choose your tare on unkrautvernichter-shop.de.

Features and Requirements

Boxes made of wood are gradually losing their popularity due to the widespread use of plastic containers, but nevertheless they continue to be produced anyway, even certain types of boxes are made to order.

Wooden packaging is distinguished by its ability to guarantee the best climate conditions, as it allows stored vegetables and fruits to receive the right amount of air.

For better preservation of products, it is best to choose alder or aspen wood. These unique tree species are distinguished by such qualitative characteristics as durability and strength. Also, they will not release resin and will not dry out after a long time of use.

Advantages of wooden boxes for storing various vegetables and fruits:

  • such a box will weigh much less than a fairly popular metal container;
  • only natural-looking materials are used;
  • simplified assembly of the entire structure;
  • high strength compared to conventional cardboard;
  • low cost of materials, fairly widespread use of this type of packaging;
  • if you properly handle the surface of the box, you can significantly increase its life.

Tare size

That wooden container that is used at home for high-quality storage of vegetables should take into account in its parameters the place where it will be installed – the size of the kitchen or balcony.